Spring Break Colored Blue

This week has been Spring Break for our little family.  But as Spring Breaks go, this one leaves a lot to be desired.  Rain.  Thunderstorms and tornadoes did damage to the north of us in The Colony and Frisco, Texas.  More rain.  Gray skies, flood warnings, tornado watches… the sun is supposed to come out on Sunday, the last day of Spring Break.  I want a do-over.

But it is all about the focus.  We have done some house cleaning.  My son took the water-damaged carpet out of his bedroom with a carpet knife and discovered an old linoleum floor under it, complete with a sincerely ugly 1960’s style pattern.  And my daughter and I baked cookies.


The bedroom with its mustard yellow linoleum with brown snowflakes in the pattern.

The cookies were Halloween candy-corn cookies bought for a sale price at Aldi’s in an after-Christmas sale.  (I think I paid less than a dollar for them.)  We mixed the two colors of dough up with butter and tried to make cookies with a swirl design as described on the box.  It didn’t work.  We made spectacular splashes of red and yellow all over the cookies.  The cookies looked radioactive as they baked.  No wonder they were cheap.

But they were delicious.  Probably more because we made them together and laughed about the goofy outcomes.  I ate my two cookies (the limit reasonably suited to proper blood sugar levels) with a tall glass of Diet Coke and milk.

So, Spring Break has been a bit of a bummer.  But misfortune does not rule our lives unless we let it.  Sometimes you have to simply reject the glooms and just be happy.


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2 responses to “Spring Break Colored Blue

  1. The cookies look a bit like play doh.

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