Making Fun of What’s Funny


Senator Tedhkruzh

There is only so much time you can spend making fun of Tronald Dump and Cred Tuz…  Only so many “Ted Cruz is a lizard-man” jokes can be made before they are no longer funny.  But it is never going to be less important during an election season than it is now.

Lizard-man Cruz is a religious-fanatic-poser who will lead us further into the realms of oligarchy and fascism.  We see him constantly in the Republican Presidential debates using lizard tricks to get any advantage he can get.  Telling Ben Carson supporters that Ben the Sleepy Dwarf was leaving the race and his supporters should vote for Cruz, the next best choice.  Of course, Carson was still in the race.  And all we got from the Cruz campaign was a big old “oopsie”. Those of us dedicated to making fun of Senator Cruz, especially those of us in Texas who have to take the blame for him, are trying our hardest to expose what he is to everyone who listens to us, and it isn’t working very well.  Cruz, as sleazy and reviled as he is, still seems to get what he wants… at least preventing others from having what he doesn’t want us to have.

Here’s a lovely video of Ted Cruz from Bad Lip Reading on YouTube;

I have to admit that I had to watch this three times to figure out that they were matching words to his lips rather than just showing us stupid crap that Ted actually says.  I mean, he really does talk and act like this.  How was I supposed to know it was mere satire?


And as bad as Ted Cruz would be as a choice for President, Donald Trump would be far worse.  The irrational humanoid orangutan is using the same sort of fear tactics that Herr Adolf used to rise in Germany in the 1930’s.  He uses Mexicans and Muslims as whipping people instead of Jews, but he is similar in almost every tactic.  In fact, I believe that Herr Hitler would have his own reality TV show if he lived in New York City in this day and age.  He would definitely relish firing people on television, especially using real fire.  This man is leading all the Republican candidates in the polls.  He is even capable of beating Hillary Clinton due to her Benghazi-and-email tarnished reputation.  We may soon be required to salute and shout “heil Donald!” in this country.

Any of the Republican candidates would be better than these two I have concentrated my ridicule upon, yet any of them would be a disaster.  Kasich and Rubio are the most moderate and least-likely-to-destroy-all-life-on-earth.  But Kasich wants to slaughter public education, and Rubio is actually an enemy to immigration reform, not an advocate.  They are no bed of roses either.  Bed of thorns maybe, but not sweet-smelling like roses.


A fairly accurate portrait of what Marco Rubio sees when he looks in a mirror.

So now I have used my 500 words to elucidate and lament the evils of politics as they have played out in this election year so far.  I hope you will laugh with me at the ridiculousness of booger-eaters like Cruz and monkey-men like Trump.  But I also hope you will take this humor at least a little bit seriously.



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6 responses to “Making Fun of What’s Funny

  1. Cruz is proud of causing one of the worst crises we avoided at the last minute, which should speak volumes. He singlehandedly about caused the United States to default on its debts in October, 2013. With other world leaders and the president of the International Monetary Fund, Christine LaGarde pleading with us not to do this, Cruz was taking the country in a barrel over Niagara Falls. It took ten collaborative, female senators to tell this grandstander to get out of the pool and let the grown-ups swim now. They stopped this lunacy the night before we defaulted. And, Cruz is proud of the havoc he architected.

    But, to prove further what a phony he is, his grandstanding on this occasion was to complain about the deficit, which is a legitimate concern. Yet, this Tea Party favorite has proposed a tax plan which would significantly increase the deficit to the extent, Former GOP Senator Alan Simpson said there are not enough cuts that could be made to reduce the deficit. If it was that important then, can you explain your tax plan’s impact on the deficit?

    • Forever Dream . . .

      I’m sorry but I believe Cruz is trying to actually save America! The thing with Trump, “Make America Great Again,” is b.s. I don’t recall him having any reasons for running, as to where Cruz has listed several reasons for why he is, and coincidentally, they’re all well and good reasons. Cruz has not done anything wrong. If you’ve heard of the incident with Palin, I think she was just being thin-skinned. If anyone is trying to create “havoc” its Hillary Clinton and Trump. I respect you, sir, but what you said is just simply not true. Thank you.

      • I am not set up to argue the point. I am after all a writer of fiction and a humorist… both of which are synonyms for the word “liar”. I mean no offense. Public figures are open to ridicule from their opponents, and I have a first amendment right to make fun of them just as they have the right to make fun of me, or put me in jail if Donald becomes president.

      • Forever Dream . . .

        Mmm, yes. Although, every opinion counts. 🙂

    • My own personal tax plan that I would like to propose, 100% tax rate on income for Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and anybody who backs them. I propose it on the grounds that it is just as fair for all as anything these gentlemen have been doing for us.

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