An Award I Probably Don’t Deserve


I woke up this morning to an award from Dear Kitty, Some blog.  I want to thank this very talented blogger for making the mistake of nominating little old me.  You can find her at this link; , although I don’t know how to process a link on WordPress any more so that you can just click on it.

The maker of this award wrote that these are the rules for it:

For the award, post the picture of it in your post and thank your nominator while linking to them. Tell the blogging world 5 things about yourself and/or your blog. Select 5 nominees, name and link to them. Put their names in a list then hi lite them and go to the top of the editor and see the chain link, click that and paste their homepage URL. Then send a copy of your finished post’s URL to each person in their most recent post and you are all done.

So, five things about my blog;

  1.  I didn’t start it myself.  This blog was set up for me by I-Universe to help me market the book I published with them in 2013, Catch a Falling Star.  Began blogging by following the directions my marketing adviser gave me, and it took me at least a year to discover she was all wrong about her suggestions.  I have made a total of $16 from I-Universe on a book I invested in to get published.  It is, however, still available from I-Universe, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.  My blog is no longer ignored the way it originally was, but my novel still is.
  2. I use my blog to publish the cartoons, artwork, and seriously goofy poetry that I am also guilty of creating.  As an old, retired school teacher, I am quietly going to seed with nothing better to do than this silly blog.  If you would like to see a gallery of my artwork, go to Google and do a picture search of the words “Beyer Paffooney”.  Hopefully the result will not make you insane or blind or both.
  3. Students in my classes often didn’t realize it, but I communicate primarily with humor.  I guess if you don’t laugh at your own joke while telling it, they don’t catch on that it is a joke.  Still, I consider this blog a humor blog.  Yes, even if it doesn’t make you laugh.
  4. Since 2013 I have posted something on this blog 838 times.  I posted every single day in 2015.  8,542 visitors have seen my blog, and no one has prosecuted or incarcerated me for it yet.  I have 790 followers.  I know all this is hard to believe, but I swear that it is true according to the WordPress statistics page.
  5. I continue to blog about my writing and have at least two more novels seriously invested in the pipeline to be published.  You can read about them in my blog.

I will nominate 5 bloggers in the comment section below.


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14 responses to “An Award I Probably Don’t Deserve

  1. I nominated Carl D’Agostino’s blog, I Know I Made You Smile;

    • Congratulations and appreciate the award. I was a teacher too, history, middle school from 1972 to 1980 then high school from 1981 to 2006 in Miami, Florida, inner city minority. Last decade I was absolutely burnt out and hanging on for that pension. It was never the kids but district mandates, teacher oppression and Mussolini – like administrators. I intend to give your blog a good look see. Perhaps you may care to guest post cartoons on my blog. I have guest posted about 70 artists, poets, cartoonists over the years. Lemme know

  2. I also nominated Kim Floria’s awesome poetry blog Silently Heard Once

  3. I nominated Keith’s highly intelligent blog Musings of an Old Fart

  4. It doesn’t seem too painful so I will pass it on. I will make it my post for Thursday since I’ve been scheduling my post in an effort to post everyday. Thank you very much for thinking of me.

  5. I have also nominated Buffalo Tom Peabody’s hilarious blog;

  6. Well done. The honor is richly deserved.

  7. buffalotompeabody

    thank you so much for the honor and recognition!

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