Mini Breaks


Sometimes life is kinda tough.  I am in pain as I write this.  Cold rain in Texas.  But I am at the end of 15 straight months of posting every single day.  So this is a place-holder post.  It is an easily done and finished post.  It is an I-am-almost-done-already post.  And it still counts because I say so.  I make the rules.  I am the writer of my own story.  So, this is me being the bright red little bird that doesn’t fly away when the winter comes.

girl n bird


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6 responses to “Mini Breaks

  1. I’m sorry to read you’re in pain. Hope my sending a little extra cyber ❤ will help. I love the photos and the painting and the Loretta Young quote. That name takes me back in time. Take care. Paulette

  2. As long as your counting by cardinal numbers, it is all good.

  3. Hm….daily pain ages us more than time…..I’m so, so sorry for your pain….I looked in the mirror the other day and saw my Mom looking back at me and wondered when I got so old. Pain does a number on our bodies (and minds). I truly appreciate your pain. Sending you a healing hug…..

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