Building Cardboard Castles


The current state of my cardboard castle is pictured above.  I probably need to remind you that I am making this thing with my own hands.  It is made from old Ritz Cracker boxes with a layer of cutout skin printed from the computer.  It is put together with glue, tape, and a little bit of ingenuity… oh, and a lot of “insert tab A into slot B”.  It is shaping up into a very Elizabethan style of castle.  I originally started it to create props for use with the family Dungeons and Dragons game.  But it grows into a project existing for its own sake, a piece of artwork that is made just like so many others I have done before, in many small steps, one piece at a time.


Here we are stepping back in time to what it looked like before, with fewer elements created.  You can see that the essentials are already added in here… the tavern and the outhouse… can’t live without either of those.


It does, indeed, make a worthy addition and contribution to the ongoing D&D campaign currently journeying through the eastern cities of Aundair in the realm of Eberron.  We are seeking the stolen dragon eggs, and have recently conquered the castle of the Duke of Evernight, freeing it from its terrible curse.

But I do truly believe that the key to this art project, in fact, the theme of this whole post, is that big, impressive things are built our of one small step following another over time.  You build brick walls with a bricklayer placing one brick at a time.

Novels, too, are accomplished this way… one small step after another.  As are both the marriage and the raising of children in the life of a family.  Nothing worth building goes up in a flash… unless it’s built by the Flash… but he is only a character from a comic book and not real.  So, I continue to build.  One day soon, I shall have battlements capable of warding off goblins and orcs.  And for today, I have added another brick to the walls of my blog.


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3 responses to “Building Cardboard Castles

  1. As a child I had bazillions of toy soldiers from many eras of history and built all kinds of forts from cardboard, wood and blocks. When it rained building them in mud from puddles was fun and allowed waterways around the forts. Many people are enchanted with castles but don’t know the moats were open cesspools.

    • I haven’t built any garderobes in my cardboard castles yet, but they were the part most essential to that unique aroma of the middle ages. And most of them emptied directly into the moats and left brown streaks on the walls. Err… too much information, huh?

  2. Naw, fort people love info. As dreadful as hurricanes were in Miami we loved making forts out of the downed tree limbs and talked our parents not to put all out for trash pick up for extra week or so.

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