A Full-Color Rough Draft

As terrible as my first published novel turned out to be, I have not given up on the idea of Aeroquest.  I am interested in whipping a part of it into the shape of a graphic novel.  So I bought a sketchbook and noodled down some Baby Mutant Space Ninjas gunk into it in full color.  But it is only a rough draft.  It is not finished artwork.  I can’t get over how pretty and colorful it is turning out to be.  I thought I would show you how it is going so far.












There are obvious signs that the dialogue and text boxes need to turned into a more finished form.  And serious editing decisions probably need to be made about moon shots.

Here is what it looks like to use computer editing to try to fix some of the problems.


I will continue to work on it, but I needed something to post today.  And sometimes you need to consider the work-in-progress warts and all.





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4 responses to “A Full-Color Rough Draft

  1. Great stuff, far superior to mine but I do like the single frame quick delivery gag and think I’m doing OK at least at that.

    • The art of the cartoon doesn’t depend on the artwork. Look at how Stephan Pastis is doing with Pearls Before Swine. He draws like a third grader. But it is funny stuff. I’m more of a story-teller and less of a gag man. I have a great deal of respect for how you do what you do.

  2. Reblogged this on Catch a Falling Star and commented:

    I announced yesterday that AeroQuest was going to be the next WIP. It is going to be a re-write project. So, I have posted a number of things about it before.

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