A Little Note of Blues From a Cardinals’ Fan

Yep, we did it again.  We had a great season, better than we’ve ever had (since we were the Chicago Cardinals before I was born).  But, just like last year, the Carolina Panthers put a wooden stake through the heart of our dreams.  We are still a team that has never won a Superbowl.  And I wish the best to you, Carolina, who has also never won a Superbowl (the “best” here means that the Denver Broncos’ defense turns the Panthers’ offense into hamburger, and keeps you on the list just as the Steelers did to us in ’08).


Wait til next year!  Oh, and there are still the St. Louis Blues in hockey who have yet to win the Stanley Cup!



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4 responses to “A Little Note of Blues From a Cardinals’ Fan

  1. This sums up what it’s like to be a sports fan. Good luck for next year. 😉

  2. I am sure it was a tough game to watch. I felt sorry for Palmer, who made some bad throws at the wrong time, but also the best receiver in football dropped two easy passes, which could have helped. The most harmful interception was after the long interception return and then Palmer made a bad throw into the end zone. Must give Carolina credit, though, as they came to play and Newton is deserving of the MVP this year.

    • I hate giving Carolina credit. Two years in row they did this to us. But I have to admit they took advantage of everything. I knew they had it won when Patrick Petersen fumbled the punt return. Life and football are just not fair sometimes.

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