Nasty Surprises

My computer is having brain farts and conniptions for no apparent reason.Skye lodge

It was my intention to write about a painting project today and how it is progressing.  I worked on the acrylic version of this ink and colored pencil drawing made from a a photograph from the 1800’s.  I was going to tell you how I worked on it with my daughter.  She was painting her clay doodads and I was working on the picture, sharing paint and painting secrets.  I made a little bit of progress, but am certainly not done.  Here is the current progress I made.


But suddenly my connection is threatened with WordPress and the computer won’t even let me edit pictures on the computer’s paint program.  It insists there could be a breach and someone is trying to steal my account information, but it also suggests that the security settings may be misaligned.  Guess which one I think it is.  It made me so mad I almost chucked the computer out the window.  That would’ve been a mistake I could not afford to make.  So I settled down and tried my best to work around things… the way everything goes daily when you are old and have six incurable diseases.  I will get back to work soon, but for now… well, my computer needs to solve its mental illness issues before I can continue pursuing mine.



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4 responses to “Nasty Surprises

  1. Best wishes on the brain farting computer.

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