My Own Minions

You know by now, if you have been reading my posts and not just looking at the pictures, that I am a doll… er, action figure… er, toy collector with a raging case of hoarding disorder.  So, after finishing the My Little Pony/ Equestria Girl collection, I went on to work on a Monster High collection.  I still need at least Draculaura to complete that set.  But I stumbled into Minions.  I couldn’t resist.  “Oh toot jour, Pappagaina!” Stuart said from the shelf.  So I had to buy him.


You know how dangerous it is to have Minions.  Just look in the background at what happened to the Red Baron when I bought Stuart.  Minions can have a bad effect, as well as a funny effect, on the outcome of an evil genius’ evil plots for doing evil-ness.  So I started thinking of the dangers.  The Minions only cost $8.85 apiece… but of the three main movie Minions, Stuart, Kevin, and Bob… there were already at least three different versions of each.  Besides the “bored silly” set, there was a pirate set and a beachwear set.  And what if they start issuing all the other minions?  You know, Dave and Charlie and all the boys?   I could be financially doomed by my need to collect.

And what am I investing in?  Here is a close-up of Stuart after taking him out of his mint-in-box to play with him, posing in the cardboard castle atop Mount Blue Blankie where I have built my secret evil genius’ lair.  Please don’t tell any would-be heroes or rival despicable villains that my lair is located in my bedroom.


And it turns out that Stuart is fully pose-able.   That is going to be even harder to resist.  Let me prove he is pose-able.


And after I made the horrific mistake of buying fully pose-able Stuart, I discovered he was not my only Minion.  I also found out today that my novel Snow Babies has been assigned to an editor finally.  Jessie Cornwell of PDMI LLC was assigned to edit my novel back on June 28th.  Of course, I didn’t know about it until today because the email informing me went straight to the spam folder in typical Minion fashion.  So now I feel fully ready to face the evil world and try to steal the moon, while actually accomplishing something completely different that I don’t expect.   That’s what having Minions means.


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2 responses to “My Own Minions

  1. [ Smiles ] They are a nice collector’s item!

  2. Yes, if they don’t end up taking all my collector-money away from me… those darned little banana-eaters.

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