A Collection of Sunrises

I made the horrible mistake yesterday of revealing the true nature of my hideous mental condition that leads to never-ending collecting of a long list of collections that probably will become a black hole of collecting from its own gravitas and stretch on into infinity.  (Yeah. I know… you can see right through my phony over-blown exaggerations that consist mainly of stringing lots of science-y sounding adjectives together.  Don’t get all smug about it.)

I did not, however, reveal the newest collection.  So today I open my stupid writer mouth and another sacred secret pops out.  Since retiring from teaching last June, I have been collecting sunrises.


I know it is a silly, sentimental,, goofy-sort-of self-pitying thing, and I also know that is probably not “normal” from an abnormal psychology viewpoint, but don’t call the loon-catchers just yet.  Wait till I reveal my delusional quasi-religious reasons for doing it.


I am retired now from a profession I truly loved.  I have a full pension now because Texans Republicans are not completely on their toes about taking benefits away from people who don’t earn them by trading stocks and bonds, running a corporation for maximum profits, or inheriting billions because Daddy did one or both of the previous things for you.  They let my pension slip by unaltered on a grandfather clause because I’ve been teaching since a time when education was actually a respected, value-producing industry that rewarded  those who did the actual work  (This really only occurred in the middle 1990’s when the world was briefly too sane to be Republican.)  I can’t do the job any more for crippling health reasons.  I am lucky to have a good pension, but not lucky enough to be able to use it for very long.  Hence, the interest in sunrises.  Every single one is a miracle.


You may have already noticed that most of my sunrises in this collection are taken in the same park.  It is where the dog walks me every morning in order to keep my heart pumping.  She wants to keep me alive so the food dish keeps getting refilled, and so someone will still be able to bag and dispose of her daily poops.  (I swear, that dog is a champion pooper.   Three times her own weight in poops every single day.)  I also can’t sleep as much as I used to.  Five hours a night is about the maximum that arthritis pain, COPD, and diabetes allows me.  School trained me to get up early because my last job was a thirty-mile commute one way and classes started at 7:30 a.m.  I really began noticing on my morning drive how beautiful city sunrises can be thanks to the colors produced by exotic pollutants.

20150306_064749 20150317_072147

So, I keep adding to this collection of sunrises because each one is a reminder that a loving God is still being generous with me, and I still get at least one more day.  See?  I warned you there was crackpot religious sentiment in this post.  Now you can call the loony-catchers.  But hopefully, they won’t catch me until after sunrise.

20150330_070943[1] 20150330_070638[1]


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5 responses to “A Collection of Sunrises

  1. May the sunrises continue for you in abundance.

  2. Autism Mom

    Sounds like a very healthy, beautiful collection to me! 😀

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