Yesterday I re-blogged a post by Daven Anderson because he was doing such an excellent job of promoting my current publisher PDMI Publiching, LLC.

Daven’s post about PDMI

PDMI Banner 2014

I am relying on this publisher to get my work into print.   I have no way of knowing how much longer I can stay alive since only six incurable diseases, financial hardship, and the cruel winds of fate are all trying to overturn my little metaphorical boat.  I have found them to be like a family, concerned about all of the members and willing to go to great lengths to help.  I am pinning my literary hopes on them.  If my novels don’t get noticed soon and cared about by someone other than me, they may die out shortly after I do.  At the rate I am going, I don’t know how many I can push into existence, and I’m fairly sure I will not see all of them in print.  But I am trying.  This is my legacy, my lifetime of collected wit and wisdom, and it is the most worthy thing about me.  So I am trying very hard to promote everything I can to help make the publishing company as a whole to thrive and work.  But it is not for this reason only that I promote the work of others.

It is my philosophy of literature and art that good work must be shared.  If you haven’t seen my posts about Loish, or William Adolphe Bouguereau, Norman Rockwell, or Maxfield Parrish, you really should look them up.  I mean the artists, though I won’t object if you want to find and read my posts, either.  Part of my job as a writer and a cartoonist is to make others aware of the good things I have found in life.  And good art, good story-telling, good music… those things are some of the very best things that humanity has to offer.  It is those creations that are the true purpose of life on Earth.  We may not be around as a species very much longer because we are such poor care-takers of the planet, but human culture in all its depth and richness had to exist.  It is the real purpose God granted to us.

So I encourage everyone who creates art of any kind… anyone who looks at, reads, or listens to art of any kind, to please share anything and everything you find that is good.  The more good there is, the less room there is for evil to exist.

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  1. *hugs* Keep on sharing that art! We want to see it!

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