Being an ESL teacher (teacher of English as a Second Language) in Texas means a lot of exposure to kids who are nutty about soccer.  I didn’t get to teach more than one football player in my time as a high school teacher.  But soccer?  Who can count?  Both boys and girls.  But don’t panic.  This will not be a post about the joys of soccer.  Or even Shakira’s amazing soccer videos where she dances and sings with very few clothes on.  Whew!  You dodged a bullet to the brain there.

This post is about achieving goals.

Cool School Blueclass Miss Mcoverstudents in colorMiss Morgan oneDonner n SilkieGarriss n Torchy  The recycled Paffoonies are all about my novel Magical Miss Morgan.  It is my teacher-novel.  After finishing a 31-year career of teaching and loving it and loving kids…  I still needed a purpose in my life.  In the Alan Watts and Carl Sagan videos I am going to site here, they both say that the only purpose human beings really ever have is the one the individual person chooses for himself (or herself).  I chose to take all the things I learned as a teacher and boil them down into a stew of wisdom, humor, fairies, and silly words.  The novel, then, represents the purpose I chose.  And that is probably the reason why, when I finished the final edit last night, I was absolutely certain that this is the best novel I have ever written.  I will submit the silly thing to the Chanticleer Book Reviews & Media YA novel contest as soon as I can scrape together the entrance fee.  This is a better book than even Snow Babies.  I foolishly believe I can win this time around.  But the contest is hardly important.  That is just a tool in the quest to build my book into a successful piece of work… to get others to complete the process and actually read the book.  It will be published, even if I have to do it all myself and pay the money, as well as the blood, sweat, and tears.  I have already scored the goal.  It only remains to be seen if it ever gets posted on the scoreboard.

Here are the inspirational videos I wanted to share as well.  One is from Alan Watts… if you have never heard of him, you seriously need to look him up.  The other is from Carl Sagan.  I offer both of these in the knowledge that most of you who bother to read any part of this will ignore them, but with the reminder that all the best treasure in life is found after some serious digging.  My shovel is dinged-up royally, and my hands are covered in dirt.  (Dang! Only 451 words today!)

The Sagan video is number 3 on the list this link gives you.

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