Over the past 50 years I have spent considerable time creating my own cartoons and cartoon characters.  In general I have always been stuck on adventure cartoons.  Milt Caniff’s Terry and the Pirates and Roy Crane’s Buzz Sawyer were always foremost in my goofy little cartoonist’s mind when I created.  I made an entire universe of characters and space-opera plots for what started as Zebra Fleet and would turn into Aeroquest.  I tried my hand at sword and sorcery fantasy with Hidden Kingdom.  In more recent years I started journaling in cartoon form with Adventures in Fantastica, a story that involves my dream self, Mickey. and a number of people from my real life, past and present, re-cast as talking animals and other weird cartoon characters.

fantastica fantastica2

I can’t publish stuff directly out of this large and ever-growing pile of cartoons because it is a pen-and-ink rough draft and includes lots of personal information about family and friends… and former students.  It is also x-rated at several points.  It is actually about my life.  But there are weird and wonderful story-arcs in it that could easily be converted.  The section set in Clowntown in particular… (Klowntown if I write it in Fantastican Kambobbulated Language) is a good story about a Klown detective named Squiggy who is trying to catch a thief who stole the heart-tarts from the Queen of Hearts.  I want to try making this into a cartoon strip that I intend to publish here on WordPress as a sort of web comic.  Don;t know what web comics are?  Here is one my son put me onto that you should give a look-see; Two Kinds

The Klowns in today’s Paffooney are Klowntown Kops.  They reveal what the average beat-klown-kop looks like in Fantastica.  They are pratfall and slapstick clowns that use rubber whack-bats and pie-whacker pies (like the Ray Brad-berry Sci-Fi Pie the Klown is holding, ready for pie-whacking bad guys.)

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