Write Until Your Hair Catches on Fire!

I was trying to write a post and my computer had to have a brain fart and blow it to pieces.  It began because the mouse pad froze and I had to try to do everything by key commands while trying to save what I wrote.  That’s gone, however.  In its place is a cryptic question in German that asks if you want to be a swan.  How did that happen?  More than one wrong key got pressed.  As I write this, two people have already liked the computer brain-fart post.  Let’s see how this will get fixed.

Fools  I intended to write a post on my attempt to finish my novel in November, the novel The Magical Miss Morgan.  I was inspired to do that because my niece, Stephanie Bisinger, is currently involved in the NaNoWriMo project to write 50,000 words in November and complete a rough draft of a novel.  The contest is really intended for creative young student types, and my niece is doing well.  I, however, am probably not going to make the goal.  I have increased my daily output, written faster, deeper, and more creatively than I have in a long time.  I have my neurons firing so fast and so hard that my brain is heating up, hence the danger that my hair will suddenly burst into flame.  Writing is a dangerous business.  And yet, on my birthday, November 17th, 2014, I am only at 17,021 words.  I am quickly running out of month and I am not even at the halfway point.  That’s what happens when you get old.  Your writing bones get all creaky and slow.  I have sped up the novel, though. I made a major breakthrough.  Having decided to use the “Do you want to be a swan?” thing from the computer brain-fart, I now have a major plot point that I didn’t have before.  And I promoted a minor character to a place in the major action of the middle of the book.  That was an excellent idea, really, because the character is a favorite of mine, made from a real cousin when he was younger mixed with a real former student.  In the book, he is convinced that the major fantasy element of the story is not real, but when he is confronted with evidence right before his eyes, he wets his pants and runs away.  Perfect… at least for potty humor.  In the Land of Maxfield Parrish


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13 responses to “Write Until Your Hair Catches on Fire!

  1. Rococopay

    Hair bursting into flame from over intensive thoughts, you put an odd image in my head with that.

  2. Sorry you had a blow out on your computer on your birthday no less. I hope that your birthday was a pleasant one anyway. ❤

  3. Mouse pad as in the tiny lil thing centered on a laptop? I gave up using that thing after a few months. I had to get a plug-in mouse. Whoever designed that lil box had a nice thought, but it was half-baked. Mine perpetually malfunctions. I only use it when my battery-powered mouse runs out of juice.

    Happy belated birthday.

    If I tried such a hasty challenge, I’d probably stress myself out and fall short. Sure, I want to participate/give it a go. But, the odds seem against me. Like running a marathon, I’d have to have exercised my brain to succeed before entering the race.

    If aging is a factor, then I should have started writing in my tweens. I started a story right out of high school and still haven’t finished that one. My brain works like a tree. It imagines seeds and pine cones which fall to make room for new ones too soon.

    I like the woman next to the unicorn. But, I’d like some clothes or leaves on Pan:)

  4. equinoxio21

    Wollen sie ein swan zind? What kind of OS d you use? One by Tchaikowski? 🙂

    • Possibly there was a swan-lake bug in the program. I did have Google Translate open to German when the mouse pad froze, so it probably seized on a random phrase when I was punching keys and trying to accidentally retrieve the post I lost. It was fortuitous, though. That phrase in German now appears in the novel I am writing, and I worked it into the plot.

  5. equinoxio21

    (Please pardon my german grammar. Must be a Ukrainian computer bug!)

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    Well than, good luck.

  7. Really enjoyed this! Good luck with the book.

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    My computer is misbehaving again in a rather large way, so let me share with you this old post about what happened once before when my computer inserted itself into my novel-writing by misbehaving.

  9. I love the originality of your drawing – having a blue jay (?I think) on the skull instead of the Poe-ish raven. (Although Poe did make me love ravens).

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