In the Mind’s Eye

horse3So, why do I write what I write, and why do I draw what I draw?  The answer to those questions is critical to why I am me and not you, or some other goofy-stupid-crazy-intellectual-boring-weird-nutty person.  The answer is somewhere out in left field right now, lost in the tall grass where the left fielder will never find it.  What makes us unique?  What makes us individual?  Why is my brother not a photo-copy of me?  Why is my son so separate, different, and unique from me?  Will I ever stop asking these damned questions?

I am the knight of the white rose.  I am that because of my philosophical links to Rosicrucians, choosing empiricism over dogma, science over faith, and being willing to heal the world without payment.  We’re talking secret society stuff here, because when the world stumbles across real Rosicrucians, it tends to kill them.  Oh, and I’m not a real one, by the way.  Please don’t immediately start planning my tortured death. But I do believe that stories about love and forgiveness can change the world for the better.  Look at what the carpenter from Galilee was able to do.

And I tend to treat the fantasy elements, the Pegasus and unicorns from my daydreams, as real.  Not because I am loopy enough to actually believe in nonsense.  I said before, “empiricism over dogma” and “science over faith”.  But belief in human imagination and its magical power is not heresy.

So, here it is… the answer that you seek; I am infected seriously with Disney-itis in my artwork.  A strong layering of Norman Rockwell and Maxfield Parrish over a Dr. Seuss base.  In my fiction, my prose, and my poetry, I am Mark Twain and Thomas Hardy, Charles Dickens and the Bard, and a dash of Kurt Vonnegut mixed in for taste.  Put in the oven and baked for six hours at 350 degrees, and then frosted with a thick, creamy covering of Robert Frost and sequins.

Did I make you laugh?  Make you smile, at least?  Make you angry?  Make you want to hire Opus Dei hit men to track me down and kill me with holy hand grenades?  If you pick any of those answers, then my work here is done.  I have explained myself… and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.


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4 responses to “In the Mind’s Eye

  1. Rococopay

    Completely made me smile, I love it , a dash of Vonnegut and Frosted with Frost. I love reading your quirky style, it is unlike any I’ve seen before. It’s great that I read this as if I were hearing you give a speech (even though I don’t know what you sound like).

    I think a lot like you, which I believe is why I always enjoy your posts. Keep blogging and doing what you do!

  2. Well, I smile at the pegasuses there. They look a bit like they’re wearing their pajamas yet, which is cute.

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