Collectible Dolls… err, Action Figures

DSCN5018These two 12″ ACTION FIGURES are Luke Skywalker and Princess Leiah.  They are rare 1978 dolls that are hard to find because they are in a size much larger than other Star Wars figures, and they are from a toy company that no longer exists.  When I bought Luke on E-Bay, he only had the pants and the boots.  I had to buy Leiah stark naked.  The doll didn’t have any clothes on either.  I was able to cobble together some clothing with the help of Barbie and G.I. Joe.  I had to re-braid Leiah’s hair, and, of course, I had no idea how to re-create the Cinnabun ear-muffs Leiah is supposed to wear, so I left it looking as you see it.  I am proud of my ability to find and acquire two such rare dolls, but I am well aware that they are not presently worth diddly-squoot compared to a mint conditioned pair.

And, Dang it!  I didn’t edit the words “doll” and “dolls” in favor of “action figures”, but I am much too lazy to go back and fix that.

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June 18, 2014 · 6:42 pm

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