Mego Men



In 1976 I ordered a Mego Spiderman from the ad in my Avengers comic book.  It came by mail.  It was only 8 inches tall, not the 12 that would become the basis of my action figure (don’t call them dolls) collection.  I love Megos.  I should’ve bought more of them, but I was in college and had limited space to keep them.  I ordered the Wolfman second, then the Lizard, and finally Iron Man.  I was going to buy a Captain America next, but Mego stopped making these things at the end of the 70’s.  That, of course, is what makes them valuable.  The last time I priced them in the collector’s market, Iron Man was going for fifty dollars, and Spiderman for forty five.  I have no intention of selling them.  They will one day belong to my own children to play with or do with whatever destructive thing they will.  Until then, they are mine to play with.

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