It has been a year that assaults everything I stand for and everything I value.  A new government came in despite my wishes, my vote, and my best efforts.  They instituted attacks on most of the things I care about.


Betsy DeVos became Secretary of Education despite being totally incompetent and not qualified for the job.  I define myself as a teacher, even though I have been forced to retire by poor health.  I value public education.  President Pumpkinhead put the pinhead in charge of education to shift public money from public education to private school systems so that the benefits go only to the wealthy.  I am ready to fight.  I believe the battle is worth fighting for, and if we lose, we may never regain what we are now losing.


But on a brighter note, I could lose our family home in 2018.  The city forced me to remove the pool.  I couldn’t get it repaired to their specifications, even though I came close and exhausted myself in the process.  I spent all my money on the debacle in order to avoid a tax lien that would’ve eventually caused us to lose the house.  I filed for bankruptcy.  I am struggling now to pay this year’s property and school taxes.  The school tax has gone up due to the State cutting funding again to public schools.  Texas appears to have to try the Kansas experiment for itself.  And I get shafted in the meantime.

My publisher, the one I was counting on to publish my best work, died a gruesome financial death, leaving me with lots of worried writer friends, a lot of manuscripts, and only myself to be relied on to get them published.  I started doing so on Amazon, basically for free.  I am now headed for complete self-published status.


I did complete one final journey with a vanity press to get Magical Miss Morgan published.  I hope to make some progress with that too, though I have no confidence left in any publishing company.  They are all a dying, greed-wracked industry intent only on exploiting people who are authors and people who think they can be.

Novel2bc Pix

I had a nudist adventure this summer, actually going to a nudist park as a nudist for the first time in my life.  So, in a way, I guess I have come out of the closet as a nudist.  Though I am still basically a closet nudist.  One day in the sun does not a social nudist make.  I am prepared, however, to face life as a homeless, penniless person.  My clothing budget should prove affordable.


I have faced a lot of losses in 2017.  I have faced unfortunate reversals of fortune.  But the one thing that remains constant and true, is that humor can help you through anything.  As long as I can still laugh about it, then it will be okay.  The world is not a place of tragedy.  It is a place of comedy.  And sometimes the clowns fall down.  But we don’t laugh at them because they fell.  We laugh when we see them getting up again.  And even harder when we see them doing the double-take at the banana peel that got them.

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